Holiday Turkey

Are you hosting your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner this year and are worried about seasoning it to perfection?

Here is a fantastic way to season a whole turkey for any occasion to blow away your guests.


Whole Turkey (or Chicken)

East To West Spices Required:

Ultimate Spice or Ultimate Spice Low Sodium

Cayenne Pepper (Optional)

Take your Ultimate Spice and rub it on to cover the entire turkey from neck to tail. Once the turkey is completely covered with the Ultimate Spice, let it sit for about 20 minutes if not longer. Cover with aluminum foil or place in a baking bag if you are baking it. If you are using a rotisserie to cook the turkey you will not need to cover it. If you deep fry the turkey you will need to use the Ultimate Spice after it is cooked, otherwise the spice with blend into the hot oil and will not flavor the turkey as well. Be sure to follow the instructions for cooking that is on the packaging for the turkey you are cooking.

Important Note:

Always completely cover your meat with Ultimate Spice! If you go skimpy, it may not be the flavor you are looking for or the way Chef Dave would do. Also, if you like a little spicy, be sure to add East to West Cayenne Pepper with your Ultimate Spice. If you are looking for a Low Sodium option, we can help you with our Ultimate Spice Low Sodium.

This recipe is also good for any occasion during the year as well. Not only can you apply this to your turkey, but you can also use it for your chicken dinners as well.

Happy Holidays

~Chef Dave~

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